The Process for Dental Implants

Many dental procedures require only one or two appointments and are often completed within a few weeks. However, getting dental implants in Hillsborough, NC, can be a lengthy process that takes months to complete. Depending on the health of your mouth before starting treatment, you may even need additional procedures before beginning the implant process. After examining your mouth, your dentist can help provide a treatment plan with an expected timeline and implant process.

DENTAL IMPLANTS in HILLSBOROUGH NC can take a while to complete

Treatment Time for Dental Implants in Hillsborough, NC

Implants are among the most recommended restoration options for missing teeth due to their added strength and stability. But it can take a while to complete treatment. Some patients may also require additional treatment ahead of time to ensure their mouths are healthy enough for the implant. Because every case is different, your dentist will create a unique treatment plan personalized to fit your dental needs.


In order to get an implant, you need to have healthy gums and a strong jaw. Many patients can experience a loss of bone density when they lose a tooth. But if there isn’t enough bone, the implant can’t properly integrate. Gum disease can also cause complications during the implant process. Before starting surgery, your dentist may recommend bone grafting or periodontal therapy. These treatments can help ensure you have a successful and comfortable implant placement.

Surgical Placement

Once you’re cleared for an implant, the first step is to surgically place the implant post. This post mimics the natural root structure of your tooth to provide bonus support for your bite. For many patients, your oral surgeon will use a local anesthetic to help reduce pain and discomfort during the procedure. If you’re getting multiple implants or have dental anxiety, a general anesthetic may be used to help during surgery.

After surgery, it’s important that your implant has time to heal and integrate into the jaw. This is often the longest part of the process. Patients can expect to wait three to six months for healing to complete before moving on to the next step.


The implant alone is not enough to fully complete your bite or smile. Your dentist will also need to restore it. For single dental implants, the most common restoration is a dental crown. If you’re missing multiple teeth, however, an implant-supported bridge or denture will likely help complete treatment.

In many cases, restoration requires two appointments. During the first appointment, your dentist will secure an abutment to the implant post. This abutment helps connect the restoration to the implant. Then, your dentist will take impressions to have the restoration fabricated. After a few more weeks, you’ll return to have your restoration placed, thus completing the implant process.

If you’re missing a tooth, the sooner you act, the better. At Hillsborough Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, we coordinate with a local oral surgeon to help provide treatment for all steps of the implant process. Call us today at 919-587-8401 to schedule a consultation and see if implant dentistry is right for you.